Enrichment, Support and Wellbeing R-12

We recognise that students may require specially-tailored programs and support to maximise their learning and wellbeing.

              Enrichment, Support and Wellbeing R-12

Our Multi-Disciplinary Unit (MDU), which comprises a qualified Educational Speech Pathologist, Clinical Psychologist, and Registered Nurse, provides support in order to nurture girls’ complete wellbeing and development.

Fundamental skills, including gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness and auditory skills, problem solving and strategy skills, thinking skills (critical and creative), and social and communication skills, are core to learning success and critical in ensuring our students receive the best start to their schooling life.

Our enrichment programs provide extra support or extension for individuals or small groups of students. These tailored programs focus on and build specific skills, both academic and non-academic, to ensure success.

Pastoral Care

The care of each individual student is very important at Loreto. Providing a safe and caring environment for each individual underpins learning at Loreto. We sincerely believe in working together with parents and caregivers to provide the best possible environment for your daughter’s overall wellbeing.

We nurture and support our students to understand and accept their own individuality, their limitations and their giftedness.

Everyone in the school shares in this Pastoral responsibility, which involves knowing, accepting, respecting and encouraging each student as an individual and modelling consistency between words and actions.

Our students genuinely care for and about each other and truly bond as part of the Loreto family. The additional support experienced through the College’s house system, which groups girls from Reception to Year 12 in one of four houses, fosters a sense of belonging and enhances student-centred support.

The specific needs of each year level are carefully assessed and a program addressing these needs is developed and regularly reviewed.

Multi-Disciplinary Unit - Positive Intervention

Our Educational Speech Pathologist, Ms Siobhan Bamford and our Clinical Psychologist, Ms Sandra English, are available to support and assist students within the College’s Multi-Disciplinary Unit.

‚ÄčOur Educational Speech Pathologist and Clinical Psychologist, with the application of evidence based practices, can support and assist students reach their full potential. These professionals can work collaboratively with teaching staff or work with the student individually.

Health Care Centre

Open during school hours, the Loreto Health Care Centre, staffed by a Registered Nurse, provides a high standard of professional nursing care to day students, boarding students and staff. Having a Registered Nurse not only ensures the highest level of care for students, but also ensures all competency standards and current professional clinical experience are maintained.

The Registered Nurse is responsible for first aid and emergency management, primary health care, health promotion, illness prevention, and addressing all student health related issues. Students with specific health needs are carefully assessed and supported. Specific health plans may be implemented in collaboration with parents, students, health professionals and staff.

In addition, a weekly medical clinic for boarding students is provided by a Registered Medical Practitioner in the Health Care Centre, facilitated by the Registered Nurse who will act upon any recommendations. 

Evening Study Centre (Senior School Library)

Providing academic support for students in conjunction with supporting families to negotiate busy schedules is important to Loreto.

Loreto College assist girls with their learning by providing a structured and supervised after hours study centre for students in Years 7 to 12. The Evening Study Centre operates out of the Senior School library on week nights until 6pm.


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