Positive Education and Pastoral Care R-12

Underpinned by a Positive Education framework, students' wellbeing is supported through a structured Pastoral Care program and a team of specialists.

              Positive Education and Pastoral Care R-12

Social Justice

We aspire to develop students with a social consciousness so that they act morally and justly to change their world.

Following in the footsteps of our foundress, Mary Ward, Loreto College is recognised as a leader in Social Justice. Our program is unique and has been used as a model by other schools.

Our school prides itself on an extensive social justice program, aimed at ensuring our students understand their responsibility to those less fortunate than themselves. Girls from Reception to Year 12 undertake fundraising and awareness activities as well as participate in outreach programs and pilgrimages to both Vietnam and India.

Our students are involved in fundraising, volunteering and other types of community service throughout their schooling journey, starting from Reception.

In the Junior School, the focus is on performing acts of kindness to family and the community, in appropriate and safe activities. In addition, Junior School students regularly hold their own fundraising initiatives, action, awareness and community days.

In the Senior School, the focus is on leadership and inspiring action among the entire student body, with the students leading several key fundraising, action, awareness, and community days throughout the year. Student run initiatives include Pink Day and Mission Day, in addition to fundraising efforts for our India and Vietnam pilgrimages.

Freedom, empathy, personal integrity, compassion, courage and the capacity to reflect upon one's actions, are seen as critical skills to nurture and develop in our students as they grow to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The ability to discriminate between conflicting claims and perceptions in the world and to discern the deeper truth is the ultimate goal of all our Social Justice initiatives.

Pastoral Care

The care of each individual student is very important at Loreto. Providing students with a safe and nurturing environment and working together with parents and caregivers in focusing on students’ wellbeing is at the heart of our educational philosophy.

Everyone in the school shares in this Pastoral responsibility. This involves knowing, accepting, respecting, and encouraging each student as an individual, and modelling consistency between words and actions.

Our students genuinely care for and about each other and truly bond as part of a Loreto family. The additional support experienced through the College’s house system, which groups girls from Reception to Year 12 in one of four houses, fosters a sense of belonging and enhances student-centred support.

A specially designed Pastoral Care program is delivered through timetabled lessons where the specific developmental needs of each year level are carefully assessed and addressed. Topics may include: friendships, the safe use of technology, drug and alcohol education, and the practice of other safe behaviours.


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