Strategic Directions: 2017-2018

It has been almost 18 months since I was appointed Principal of Loreto College Marryatville.

During this time I have observed, asked many questions, and learnt about this school and its community. I have held one-on-one meetings with every staff member, gathered feedback from students, parents, staff, alumni and the boarding community, and now we are ready to set the path for the year ahead.

We are a community with the same vested interest – to ensure that each child is supported, encouraged and enriched so they develop the knowledge and skills required to make a difference, not only to their future world but also to the lives of others.

So firstly, I wish to thank this community for welcoming me to my new role, for supporting me to grow in my understanding, and for working with me to examine new and exciting ideas to take us into the future together.

Our Strategic Plan 2017-2019 sets the broad principles for our future with two objectives aimed at delivering the best learning outcomes for your daughters – to be a future looking school and to be a school of choice and excellence.

The Directions document details the first steps we will be taking over the next 12 months to make that a reality.

I can honestly say that this year has been one of the most exciting of my career in education – it has confirmed my passion for education and in particular the education of girls and young women.

It is therefore with great excitement that I present this Strategic Directions document and I look forward to working with you to bring the future forward.


Dr Nicole Archard
BA DipEd, MA, MEdLead, MTheolSt, PhD



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College Tour, 17 August

We pride ourselves on shaping the girls of today into the confident, compassionate and thoughtful young women of tomorrow. We invite you to see how your daughter's future can take shape at our next College Tour.

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