2021 Capital Works

As a school, we are constantly challenging ourselves to be the best that we can be for our students. Each year we outline key strategies in order to meet our objectives: to be a future looking school and to be a school of choice and excellence. 

Junior School Library and Senior School Information Resource Centre

The Junior and Senior School Library developments have the purpose of creating flexible and beautiful learning spaces for students in order to inspire and facilitate their love and joy of reading, investigative study and learning.

The main focus of the Junior School Library is to create designated learning hubs within the Library where students can engage in different types of activities. A new opening creates a link between the Library and the Technology Lab, thus facilitating connection between different types of learning activities.

The current Senior School Library will be developed into an extensive Information Resource Centre, and includes study areas, a breakout Information Resource Centre classroom, a Tinker Lab, and Lecture Theatre. The central area will be divided into different learning hubs for both individual and collaborative study, with a mixture of formal and soft seating areas. Students will be able to engage in a range of activities in the different areas which are designed to facilitate different learning needs.