Current Fee Schedule

              Current Fee Schedule

Thank you for considering a Loreto College education for your daughter. 

Loreto College is recognised as one of the leading private schools in Adelaide. Our tradition of academic excellence, and shaping dynamic, successful and influential women, is at the heart of all we do. Our focus is on maintaining and exceeding our rigorous academic standards for all students, and ensuring that our vision for development, innovation and excellence is fulfilled for future generations, which is why we believe a Loreto education is your best investment.

Sibling Discounts

We offer the following generous discounts for families with more than one child attending the College concurrently. Please note that the reductions apply to tuition fees only.

  • 15% reduction in tuition fees for the second child
  • 30% reduction in tuition fees for the third child
  • 60% reduction in tuition fees for the fourth (and subsequent) child

In addition, the College offers a comprehensive Scholarship program.

How to pay fees

The College accepts payments via the following methods:

  • BPay (transfers from your cheque, savings or credit card accounts)
  • Credit cards (we accept Visa & MasterCard)
  • Cheque
  • Cash

All students are enrolled on the understanding that fees will be fully paid in accordance with accepted repayment plans.



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2020 Scholarship Applications

We invite students to apply for our annual Scholarship Program which offers a range of options and breadth of opportunities for students to attend and excel in our College.

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College Tour, 16 November

We pride ourselves on shaping the girls of today into the confident, compassionate and thoughtful young women of tomorrow. We invite you to see how your daughter's future can take shape at our next College Tour.

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