SEAD Framework

              SEAD Framework

Social, Emotional and Academic Development

Loreto College's newly developed SEAD Model acknowledges the important integration between the Social, Emotional and Academic Development of girls. The integration of social-emotional skill development in conjunction with academic learning outcomes, ensures that students develop holistically as resilient and confident girls and young women.

This targeted and sequential program acknowledges the phases of girls' transition from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and the challenges and celebrations that accompany each stage of development.

During their stages of maturation, girls are not only developing their identity, but also building the foundations upon which lay their future wellbeing and personal success. Thus, the SEAD Program is aimed at facilitating girls' understanding of themselves as learners, responsible citizens and as positive friends, subsequently leading to personal achievement both at school and in life.

The SEAD Program will be delivered by teachers during dedicated weekly timetabled lessons as well as other out of the classroom learning experiences. Please take a look at the below document which outlines how the College will implement the SEAD Program from Reception to Year 12.

SEAD Program Diagram