It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Loreto College Marryatville. Loreto College educates strong, passionate, and confident girls and young women.

I am committed to ensuring your child is supported, encouraged, and enriched, so she develops the knowledge and skills required to make a difference – not only to her future world, but also to the lives of others.

From Early Learning to the Senior Years, Loreto College is a dynamic and inspiring environment that nurtures and builds confidence in all students. Firmly grounded by our rich past, we are focused on directing the future by providing an outstanding education for your daughter.

As an educator, I am passionate about the development of girls in becoming women of strength, spirit, and integrity. With my background and commitment to girls’ education, I believe that a girls’ school environment is the best place for girls to be educated and it is proven through research that in such an environment girls learn to challenge gender stereotypes, develop a confident and articulate voice, develop leadership capacity in all forums, and be comfortable within themselves.

To then do this in a values-based school under the Loreto tradition means that we are developing young women who will not only have the capability to make a difference to their world, but they will do this from an ethical and moral framework.

As a school we are constantly challenging ourselves to be the best that we can be for our students. As such, we work towards two key objectives, to be a future-looking school and a school of choice and excellence.

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A future looking school:

  • Honours the past, builds from the present, and drives towards an ideal future
  • Has clear values and beliefs
  • Has a positive culture amongst staff, students, and parents
  • Has a stimulating learning and physical environment
  • Is self-reflexive
  • Is focused on discovery and renewal
  • Embraces changing contexts in order to grow and develop
  • Is a leader of best educational practice and uses this to develop others

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A school of choice and excellence:

  • Provides structures and practices to ensure all students flourish
  • Sets clear targets and has high standards and expectations
  • Researches and undertakes rigorous processes that lead to best practice
  • Uses data and evidence to set a path for improvement
  • Invests in developing staff through strategic professional development
  • Embraces all partners within its community
  • Has facilities and infrastructure that support educational objectives
  • Has clear and effective governance

There truly can be no better foundation to educate girls and young women.

Dr Nicole Archard (Principal)
BA DipEd, MA, MEdLead, MTheoISt, PhD

Register for a College Tour

We encourage you to see how your daughter’s future can take shape at one of our upcoming College Tours where you will see our curriculum in action, tour our historic grounds, and hear from Dr Nicole Archard, our Principal and leader in girls’ education on why a girls’ school is the best investment for your daughter.