At Loreto we support students in achieving their learning outcomes through both support and enrichment strategies.

One of the most powerful strategies that teachers can use to improve student learning outcomes is the analysis of student performance data. As a school, we continually reflect upon the ways in which both teachers and students use this data to devise strategies and set goals for improvement.

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Loreto Analytics Program

Our Loreto Analytics Program provides a data dashboard for every student and class in the College, thus giving our teachers easy access to data that will then assist them in knowing and supporting individual student learning needs. In addition to this, students also monitor and review their own academic progress in order to devise learning targets and strategies for further development. In this way, our girls establish a growth mindset and take charge of their learning journey and outcomes.

Loreto Analytics supports our student tracking model, whereby key staff review all students from Reception to Year 12 on a fortnightly basis in order to monitor and track students’ academic and wellbeing outcomes and implement appropriate interventions when necessary.

Girls in Years 7 to 12 are also supported through our Homework Centre which provides supervised study until 6pm each weeknight as well as through other programs such as Maths Help.

Girls with specific health and learning needs are supported by our Learning Intervention Team as well as our College Psychologist and College Nurse.

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Psychological Service

Loreto College employs two Psychologists who work with students from Reception to Year 12. The College Psychologists apply their expertise to support students to achieve academic success, psychological health, and social and emotional wellbeing. To achieve these outcomes, the activities that the College Psychologists engage in are diverse and include counselling, consultation, screening assessments, implementation of prevention and intervention programs, and guidance through referral processes. The College Psychologists provide information and psychoeducation to the student population, school staff, and parents/carers. The College Psychologists work in a consultative, resourceful, and supportive manner with parents/carers, teachers, and external health service providers within the bounds of confidentiality.

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