Girls’ schools do more than just teach the curriculum and offer a range of sporting and co-curricular opportunities – all schools do that.

What girls’ schools do is purposefully develop girls to understand and to shape their self-concept, self-efficacy, and self-confidence. In this way, students learn to develop the knowledge and skills required to reject and overcome the gender stereotypes that attempt to define them. Schooling is so much more than academic outcomes – certainly, these can open doors, but it is the other skills that young women develop, in relation to their confidence and belief in themselves, that keeps those doors open.

Why a girls’ school?

Societal gender imbalances that we see represented in different professions and life outcomes (such as equal pay and leadership acquisition) are more likely to be influenced from school age if social and cultural influences that exist outside of school are then replicated within it. Our job as educators of girls is to ensure that your daughter is equipped with the knowledge and skills to overcome these challenges and thus to actively erode these norms and achieve socially equitable life outcomes.

Through the purposeful education of girls in a single-sex environment, girls are more likely to:

  • achieve higher academic outcomes
  • develop the skills to critically evaluate gender stereotypes and inequality
  • have higher participation rates in science, maths, and technology subjects
  • develop a greater understanding of leadership
  • develop a stronger sense of identity, voice, and confidence
  • be more competitive

To learn more, we encourage you to watch the video on this page.

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