Loreto College Preschool Program is designed for girls and boys, from four to five years of age.

Our Preschool is a place of warmth and welcome, located in our vibrant Junior Primary Learning Centre. This program enables children to experience learning in a school environment, thus facilitating a seamless transition from early learning to Reception.

The Preschool Program is delivered from 7.30am – 6pm daily. The Program is taught by Early Childhood teachers during school terms and is designed to extend and enrich children’s learning as they prepare for school.



Inquiry-Based Learning

We honour the uniqueness of each Preschool child and provide a safe and secure environment that nurtures a strong sense of belonging, optimism, and positive wellbeing. Through play-based learning, open-ended provocations, and inquiry projects, our Preschool children are encouraged to explore, imagine, innovate, take risks, investigate, problem solve, and engage in critical thinking. Fostering confidence and independence, our program provides opportunities for our Preschool learners to construct new ideas and deepen their understandings of all that is possible.

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and nature play spaces, our children experience the wonder and excitement of exploring the natural environment. Children make sense of their world through active engagement, and this learning invites collaboration, focused discussion, and the sharing of new questions and thoughts. With guidance from our educators, our Preschool children structure their own learning and develop the skills of respectful listening, negotiating, and teamwork.


Preschool Curriculum

Early literacy, numeracy, and science learning experiences are combined with, art, drama, dance, design, and physical movement to form the integral components of our Preschool Program. Working in partnership, our curriculum also celebrates and reflects the histories, cultures, and traditions of our children and their families.

Children also enjoy specialist lessons in Music and Chinese and borrow new books each week from our Junior School Library. Preschool children participate in the Loreto Junior School biennial Musical, as well as other College events such as Book Week, Mission Day, and Grandparents’ Day.

When our Preschool children are ready to start school, our transition program ensures they feel secure, confident, and ready to move into a school setting. Equipped with school readiness skills and positive dispositions for learning, our Preschool children are competent learners well-prepared for new experiences.

Register for a College Tour

We encourage you to see how your daughter’s future can take shape at one of our upcoming College Tours where you will see our curriculum in action, tour our historic grounds, and hear from Ms Kylie McCullah, our Principal, on why a girls’ school is the best investment for your daughter.