Boarding at Loreto

              Boarding at Loreto

Boarding School life provides the opportunity for girls to establish life-long friendships and enables each student to develop the qualities of confidence and leadership. Boarding cultivates initiative and self-reliance in students so that they act both independently and responsibly.

The College is located in Adelaide’s leafy eastern suburbs. It is well serviced by public transport and is only five minutes from Adelaide’s CBD and 30 minutes from Adelaide’s Domestic and International Airport.

With approximately 60 girls from Adelaide, country South Australia, interstate and overseas, our staff are focused on creating a community of care for young women from Years 7 to 12 as either full-time or weekly Boarders.

We recognise that the transition from home into Boarding is a big step for students and parents alike. Our Boarding staff are empathetic to the needs of girls and young women and our senior boarding students, led by our student Boarding leaders, ensure that younger and new students feel a sense of belonging to the Boarding community.

All new Boarders are also supported in their transition from home through our ‘Little Sister’ program, whereby an older student mentors a new student. In addition, the College’s Clinical Psychologist conducts homesickness programs for all girls as well as providing support for parents.

To further support boarding students we provide:

  • Individual rooms for all girls.
  • Academic support, including, supervised study session by teachers and tutors.
  • Access to gym and cardio facilities.
  • Health and wellbeing programs including an on-site Clinical Psychologist.
  • Head Chef who provides nutritious meals and caters for any specific dietary needs.
  • An on-site Health Care Centre staffed by a Registered Nurse.
  • A school environment that is conducive to high academic achievement through structured support.

Each space in the Boarding House was purpose built to facilitate communal living while respecting each girl’s privacy.

Living within the College on our extensive heritage grounds means that Boarders have access to all School facilities including the library, health and fitness facilities (gymnasium, weights rooms, netball and tennis courts) and music centre. Many girls also choose to be part of the College’s extensive extracurricular and sport programs.

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2021 Scholarships: Now Open

We are offering Music and All Rounder Scholarships for intake in 2021 which will allow your daughter to attend and excel in our College. Click the link below to apply now!

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