Support, Enrichment and Wellbeing

              Support, Enrichment and Wellbeing

Pastoral and Academic Care

Every girl is embraced into the Loreto family by both her peers and staff.

All staff have an ongoing responsibility for the pastoral and academic care of our students and processes are in place to assist teachers and to monitor and track individual progress.

Our specially designed Pastoral Care program provides an integrated approach between students, families and teachers – creating a supportive and caring school environment. It is delivered through timetabled lessons and is directed to the relevant developmental needs of girls and young women.

Our personalised approach encourages every girl to celebrate her individual gifts and develop her potential.

This is further fostered through the House System which groups girls from Reception to Year 12 in four houses and a Buddy Program which links students across year groups and supports new students. The year-level camps and retreats across both the Junior and Senior Schools provide girls with the opportunity to work together, step out of their comfort zones, and connect with their peers outside the classroom.

Enriching and Supporting Student Learning

The Homework Centre provides supervised study and teacher support until 6pm each weeknight for Senior Students.

Our Maths Help and Science Help programs provide additional support for students whilst our peer tutoring programs provide a leadership and learning opportunity for the girls.

Students with specific learning needs are supported by staff through St Clare’s, our Learning Support Centre.

To prepare students for tertiary and career pathways, our specialist Careers and Vocational Education and Training (VET) staff provide support and networking opportunities for all students.

The Years 11 and 12 Learning Centres embrace their growing independence and provide spaces where girls can work collaboratively or undertake individual study.

Enrichment is offered inside and outside the classroom through a range of learning opportunities including clubs in STEM and Coding as well as other gifted and talented programs such as Da Vinci Decathlon and Tournament of Minds.

Health and Wellbeing

A healthy body and mind facilitates learning. Loreto College has a diverse support team to assist our girls with the demands and challenges they face. Individual and tailored approaches to each student incorporate the latest research and evidence-based practice to meet girls’ wellbeing needs; this includes a focus on mindfulness, gratitude, and developing a growth mindset.

To support these approaches, our on-site specialists include a Clinical Psychologist and Educational

Speech Pathologist, who work with the girls individually and in collaboration with families, caregivers and College staff.

The College also has a Health Care Centre which is staffed by a Registered Nurse and a Senior First Aid Officer during school hours, providing our students with the highest level of health care.

Student Leadership and Voice

We believe that all girls should be developed for leadership, whether this be through formal leadership positions or by encouraging girls to pursue their own initiatives. As such, all students are engaged in opportunities to lead and contribute to their community.

From Reception to Year 12, our girls are provided with leadership opportunities to build their confidence, resilience and sense of community. This includes leadership roles at year level as well as in the Student Representative Council (SRC), Student Executive, Sport, Performing Arts, Music and Dance.

Creating a culture where girls have an authentic student voice is important to the College. As such, girls are provided with opportunities, both formally and informally, to contribute their ideas and run student led initiatives and provide feedback on learning and other aspects of College life.

Social Justice and International Experiences

Our Social Justice programs speak to the heart of a Loreto education, developing empathy, compassion, personal integrity, courage and the capacity to reflect on one’s own actions.

We pride ourselves on our students’ engagement in Social Justice initiatives from Reception to Year 12 through fundraising and awareness-raising activities and participation in outreach programs and pilgrimages to Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

Many of our activities support Mary Ward International Australia (MWIA), which is the Australian and International development organisation of the Loreto Sisters. MWIA strives to make a difference in education, community development, human rights, social justice and the empowerment of women and children. Most recently, Loreto College Marryatville has supported the building of Loreto Gari-uai Pre-Primary School in Timor-Leste.

In broadening and developing students’ cultural understanding and language acquisition, students in Years 9 to 11 also participate in our Language Immersion Programs to Italy, France and China.