Enrolment at Loreto

Loreto College educates strong, passionate and confident girls and young women. Firmly grounded by our rich past, we are focused on directing the future by providing an outstanding education for your daughter. We look forward to sharing the gifts of a Loreto education with our prospective students and families.

              Enrolment at Loreto

Families are welcome to submit an enrolment application at any time; however, we encourage the submission of applications as early as possible in order to ensure greater success in being offered a position in the chosen year of entry.

Enrolment places will be offered according to the following key priorities:

  1. The date on which the application was received
  2. Girls whose sisters already attend the College
  3. Daughters and relatives of Old Scholars

Places will be offered subject to availability and enrolment priorities. A formal offer will be made after an enrolment interview.


Submit Your Application

To start the application process, complete the Application for Admission and gather all necessary supporting documentation.

Once completed, please email your completed application and supporting documentation to our Admissions Manager.

Alternatively, you can submit your Application for Admission Form, supporting documentation and the $95 application fee (non-refundable) to:

Enrolments Manager
Mrs Franca Rossetto

Loreto College
316 Portrush Road
Marryatville SA 5068

Payment of the $95 application fee can be made in person via EFT, cheque or credit card or over the phone. 

What happens after I apply?

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive written confirmation and your application will be processed.

Your application will be placed on a list in order of the date in which the application was received.

Following your interview:

  • You will receive an offer of placement and an Acceptance Form from the Principal
  • To accept the offer, you will be asked to complete the Acceptance Form and pay a non-refundable Acceptance Fee of $675. Siblings of current students and children in the Loreto ELC pay a fee of $375.

Prior to commencement

At Loreto we pride ourselves on the successful transition of new students to the College. In the year prior to commencement all girls begin the transition process which involves spending multiple days at the College as well the formal Orientation Day in Term 4 and Term 2 for mid-year Reception students. This is an exciting time for the girls and their parents and helps girls to become acquainted with school life at Loreto.