Loreto Connect is our new online learning management system and College intranet and is accessed by parents and students through a personal login.

As the name suggests, Loreto Connect allows for a three-way relationship between the student, teacher, and parent. Thus, being connected as a learning community is not only important for students and teachers but also parents who can then more easily support their daughters’ learning at home.

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The way that education is delivered is continuously evolving, with technology playing a significant part of this process. Our role as a school is to ensure that our students are well prepared for this future and can adapt to flexible and varied learning environments and systems. Loreto Connect provides a platform for this process: every teacher can work collaboratively with their class, and students can access information remotely to either consolidate their learning or catch up on work missed. Parents can access their daughters’ online classroom, and teachers can record, track, and monitor student progress.

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Loreto Connect also provides a College intranet function. This means that important information about the College and programs such as sport and other extracurricular activities can be accessed by parents at any time. Making the curriculum accessible to both students and parents is an important step in creating a learning community. Online access to learning and classrooms will be an integral part of your daughter’s tertiary education experience so it is only fitting that we prepare her for this process.



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