Helping Girls Grow

Helping girls grow: A social, emotional, and academic development framework and program.

Read the latest article from Principal Dr Nicole Archard in the Alliance of Girls Schools Australia’s latest journal via the link below on our award winning Social, Emotional and Academic Development (SEAD) Program tailored specifically for girls (page 4).

“At Loreto College we purposefully educate girls to help shape their self-concept, self-efficacy, and self-confidence so that they develop the knowledge and skills required to reject and overcome the gender stereotypes that attempt to define them. Societal gender imbalances that we see represented in different professions and life outcomes (such as equal pay and leadership acquisition) are more likely to be influenced from school age if social and cultural influences that exist outside of school are replicated within it. Our job as educators of girls is to ensure that girls are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to overcome these challenges, and thus to actively challenge these norms and achieve equitable life outcomes in comparison to boys. ” – Dr Nicole Archard.

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