Loreto Goes Down in History

For award-winning student, Lily F, looking back at history provides a new perspective on the present. The Year 11 student was named the South Australian Young Historian of the Year for the second year in a row as part of the 2020 National History Challenge.

“I have always enjoyed learning about history and the past, and how we can connect any event, either past or current, to a moment, individual or event that occurred centuries before,” said Lily, whose winning essay was titled “The One Day of the Year: The Women Who Challenged ANZAC”.

“Earlier this year, I read an article about a Sydney march protesting against rape in war, which inspired me to research these protests and the movement further.”

As well as winning the prestigious award, Lily was also the winner in the SA Years 11 to 12 category, SA Women’s History Category and the overall National Years 11 to 12 winner.

We also congratulate Holly A (Year 8) for being awarded the State Winner in Portrait Power and Lucy H (Year 8) for being awarded the National Winner in Portrait Power.

Imogen G (Year 11) was awarded State Finalist in the Years 11 to 12 category of Democracy Matters; Amber H and Alexandra S (Year 8) were also awarded State Finalist in Indigenous History and Museum Exhibit, respectively, with Alexandra being awarded the overall State Finalist for Year 8.

Alyssa R (Year 2), was awarded the State Finalist within the Years 1 to 4 category, making this the third year in a row that Alyssa has won this award.

Mr Paul Foley, awarded South Australian History Teacher of the Year at the World Teacher’s Day Awards, said he was “exceptionally” proud of the students.

“Now more than ever, as our students and younger generations are living through significant global events, it is important for them to understand the world they live in, its past and the future which they will make,” he said.

“History is an extraordinary discipline providing an exceptional lens into the past, where we can apply one of the most important human attributes – empathy.”

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