Student Spotlight: Fearne Rosenbauer, Head Girl

Fearne Rosenbauer, Head Girl at Loreto College Marryatville, was recently interviewed by Adelaide Now as part of the spotlight feature on South Australia’s school captains of 2024. Fearne says she was inspired by the positive impact the previous Head Girls made on the College community. She wanted to not only continue their legacy but create one of her own and make a meaningful difference to the College community.  Fearne told Adelaide Now she feels proud and honoured to represent Loreto College Marryatville and be a voice for the student body.

What are the responsibilities of a school captain at Loreto College?

One of the main responsibilities is to liaise with the senior executive team. During our weekly meetings, we work together to organise events, plan new initiatives, and discuss decisions that will affect the school community. As a Loreto Head Girl, you also get the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas throughout the year with the Head Girls from other Loreto schools around Australia. I represent the school at school and community events, speak at school tours and share my peers’ ideas with the leadership team. A key responsibility is to be a role-model to both the junior school and senior school students, displaying the Loreto values and Loreto spirit.

What impact do you have on the College?

Through my public speeches at school events or assemblies, I strive to find ways to show the girls how to live the Loreto values that are instrumental in shaping us into strong, passionate and confident young women. Through sharing my perspective and my experience with the student body I can give guidance to help them on their schooling journey.   I aim to be approachable, have an open mindset and actively listen to what others have to say.  I hope that these actions foster an environment where everyone feels heard, accepted for who they are and motivates them to strive to be the best versions of themselves.

What do you want to do for a career?

I initially thought that I wanted to go into medicine, hoping to be a dermatologist, as I have always enjoyed the sciences. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of my leadership role and this experience is now making me consider other possibilities outside of medicine such as law and management.   I may start with something general and keep my options open.

How do you think being School Captain helps you get there?

Being School Captain has taught me to be more organised and I have learnt how to plan, prioritise and balance my leadership role with my year 12 studies and other extra-curricular activities. I think these organisation and time management skills will benefit me in the future, both in my studies and my future profession. I have also developed many interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills such as empathetic listening, communication, reflecting and critically evaluating by considering different perspectives. I think these skills are equally as important as the ability to do technical skills and will help me in any of my future career options.

What skills are you developing as a School Captain?

A key skill I have been able to develop is my adaptability. Learning to remain calm under pressure and using different methods of communication to suit different situations. When planning and running school events, sometimes I am faced with challenges and need to make decisions based on evolving circumstances. I have also developed my confidence through public speaking and interacting with new people.

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