VERITY@LoretoOnline Program

              VERITY@LoretoOnline Program

The aim of the VERITY@LoretoOnline Learning Program is to provide students and teachers with meaningful teaching and learning opportunities through a variety of online platforms when teaching is not possible in the school setting. For younger children and students, it provides an opportunity for parents to engage with the classroom teacher or educator for guidance and support when assisting children with meaningful learning activities.

Online classrooms can be used for a variety of reasons, such as, temporary school or Early Learning Centre closure or prolonged student absence. Online classrooms allow children, students and teachers to use and experience a range of technologies and provide for individual as well as collaborative learning experiences. Online Classrooms can foster creativity, develop skills in the use of technology, and encourage students to engage in problem solving and different ways of thinking.

Online Classroom Guide

The VERITY@LoretoOnline Classroom Guide for ELC - Year 12 students provides detailed information on how to stay safe online, promoting positive behaviour, expectations for each year level and personal responsibility.

The Guide also outlines a comprehensive Remote Learning Daily Plan for ELC Children, Junior and Senior Students, detailing specific Year Level timetables, in which students can follow and access resources and information from their class and subject teachers through Loreto Connect on their class pages. This information is also important for parents to read and become familiar with.

To download the full Guide, click here.

Positive Behaviour Online

We ask our students to think about how they can demonstrate positive behaviour online and avoid situations where their words or actions might be misunderstood or interpreted in a hurtful way by others. 

Positive Behaviour involves acting in a way that demonstrates self-respect as well as showing empathy, consideration and respect for others. When we demonstrate positive behaviour, we foster an environment where everyone feels safe, respected and encouraged to be and do their best. 

Personal Responsibility involves taking charge of and accepting responsibility for our own actions, behaviour and possessions. By taking personal responsibility, we grow in autonomy, independence and develop self-confidence and self-efficacy, thus helping us to engage with our world and others in a more positive way. 

Before You Get Started

When participating in VERITY@LoretoOnline, students and parents must consider the health and safety requirements of their home working environment. You need to check that:

  • Your designated workspace is suitable, this could be a desk or a table in your lounge or dining room (bedrooms are not acceptable) 
  • The desk or table that you will work from has enough space for your computer as well as your books and other material that you might need for the lesson and that these are within easy reach 
  • Your chair is either adjustable or the appropriate height for the desk or table that you will be working from
  • Your desk is located in a space that provides enough light and has good ventilation

The VERITY@LoretoOnline Program also ensures that both parents and students follow the below guide to ensure parents have the appropriate information to support their daughter's learning, and that our students are successful in their learning online. To view the full infographic, click on the links below.

Student Guide
Parent Guide