Scholarship Program for 2020

Loreto College invites students to apply for our annual Scholarship program. Our program offers a range of options and a breadth of opportunities for students to attend and excel in our College.

              Scholarship Program for 2020

Loreto College Marryatville conducts a comprehensive, annual Scholarship Program. A scholarship is a financial grant awarded to a student based on either academic merit and/or excellence in the fields outlined in the Loreto Scholarship Program. A scholarship can provide up to 50% remission of tuition fees as set by the College Board and is applicable for the duration of the student’s schooling until the completion of Year 12. Each financial grant awarded to scholarship winners is at the discretion of the Principal and may vary from year to year.

All scholarship holders are expected to complete their secondary education at Loreto College Marryatville, to maintain high standards of academic achievement and behaviour, and to contribute positively and enthusiastically to all aspects of College life, including the co-curricular program.

Each scholarship holder’s progress in the College and contribution to the wider life of the College will be reviewed annually. No student may hold more than one scholarship at any one time.

Music shortlisted applicants will also be required to audition with the Music Learning Area Leader.

Current Scholarships on Offer

All-Rounder Scholarships for Years 5 & 10 in 2020

  • Scholarships are offered to new students wishing to enter Loreto College in 2020.
  • The all-rounder scholarship is based on presentation of a portfolio. The applicant will not only provide evidence of a growth mindset with regard to academic success but also demonstrate how they encapsulate the values of a Loreto education through their contribution to their school and broader community in such things as co-curricular activities, leadership and social justice.
  • The applicant will provide copies of recent school reports, NAPLAN results and any other documentation that is relevant in promoting the all-rounder scholarship application.
  • A scholarship can provide up to 50% remission of tuition fees as set by the College Board.

Application and Portfolio Criteria

Registrations are now OPEN. Applications due Friday, 2 August 2019.

Scholarship applications must include:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Requested photocopied documentation as outlined in the portfolio criteria attachment. Portfolios will not be returned to the applicants.
  • Non-refundable fee of $50

Scholarship Program for 2021

  • Academic Scholarship:
    • Primary ACER Years 5 and 6 (new/continuing) students 
    • Level 1 ACEP Years 7 and 8 (new/continuing students) 
    • Level 2 ACER Years 9 and 10 (new/continuing students) 
  • All-rounder Scholarship: Years 5-11 (new students) 
  • All- rounder Boarding Scholarship: Years 7-11 (new students)
  • Music Scholarship: Years 5-11 (new/continuing students) 
  • Indigenous Youth Leadership Program: Years 8-12 (new students) 

Registrations open in October 2019

Scholarship Enquiries:

Enrolment Office – Franca Rossetto
Loreto College Reception: (08) 8334 4200 



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Mid-Year Reception Intake

Enrol your daughter into Reception at Loreto College in July as part of our mid-year Reception intake. The additional learning time will allow for a successful and seamless transition into Reception in 2020.

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2020 Scholarships: Now Open

We are offering scholarships for Years 5 and 10 intake in 2020 which will allow your daughter to attend and excel in our College. Click the link below to apply now!

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