Strategic Plan: 2020-2023

Building from a long history of excellence and strong academic performance, the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan has the objective of ensuring that Loreto College is a school that defines itself by best practice, and as such, is a school of choice and excellence both now and into the future.

Educating strong, passionate and confident girls and young women who have the knowledge and skills to make a difference to their world is our core objective. Thus, at the centre of all that we do are our students and their learning and wellbeing outcomes. Our Strategic Plan ensures we continue to be at the forefront of educational research, that we are innovative in our thinking, our teachers are experts in their field, and our College facilities are tailored to deliver optimal learning experiences.

This is an exciting period of growth and development for Loreto College and we look forward to sharing this journey with our broader community past, present, and future.

Dr Nicole Archard
BA DipEd, MA, MEdLead, MTheolSt, PhD